I support providing tax credits for employers who create new jobs and cutting down on red tape that hinders businesses from hiring.  I also believe in enforcing illegal immigration laws so we can keep more jobs available for Marylanders.


I believe that tax increases at this point will only hurt Maryland’s businesses and families.  As I stated as I was running for office, I believe Maryland has a spending problem – not a revenue problem.  I also signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, committing to oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.  I am glad to be able to take this stand, and the Taxpayer Protection Pledge is prominently displayed in my office.


I believe that the additional gun control proposals that were passed in 2013 and that are now being considered would not have helped in the recent national tragedies, but would have only limited the freedoms of Maryland citizens.  One strategy that actually has been proven to decrease crime and violence is allowing citizens the right to carry guns.  This is a right that other states allow, but one that is currently very restricted in Maryland.


I have a 100% pro-life rating from Maryland Right to Life and am sponsoring the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks – when unborn children can feel pain.


I believe that the referendum petition process is already very difficult and should not be made even harder.  One change that I do think would be helpful is to ensure the privacy of signature names and other information except to facilitate judicial review.  This law would be helpful to prevent harassment and intimidation of petition signers.  Senator Nancy Jacobs and I have submitted bills to accomplish this goal in previous sessions but have not been successful yet.